As a parent

Let them lead their own lives.

The first of many climbs.

As a parent, it is my job to love, protect, and encourage my children. At times, when they need it and they want support, I educate, comfort, and guide them.
But let us be clear, they are born brilliant and their achievements are theirs and theirs alone.

I understand that this is not always easy to accept – for us, as parents, family members, sometimes teachers, coaches and companions who feel a level of responsibility for the lives of our children, students, relatives, and friends. It can be difficult to distinguish the boundaries between shared lives, yet we must.

So, how can we do this?

By celebrating the person we love when they take credit for their own successes.

We embrace everything – who they are, their choices, their achievements and their plans.

We congratulate them and we do not steal attention from them, by listing how we contributed to their achievements.

We enjoy the fact that they are wise and courageous for realising their own dreams, and we do not compare them to our own.

We acknowledge significant moments the way that they want them to be acknowledged.

We respect their privacy and honour their independence, and we do not complain about the things that did not happen.

We are gracious and grateful for being able to share their lives with them.

We have faith, that they love and trust us to do all the above with genuine happiness.

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